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Threat versus Comfort - Epiphany 4

When they saw him, they besought him to depart from their coasts.

I wonder why? After calmin...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 29/01/2012

The party goes on - Epiphany 2

It has been a strange week of scares. For some poor women who have been given dodgy P.I.Ps when they...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 15/01/2012

Short homily prior to baptism of Sam - Epiphany 1

The journey of God who becomes flesh…and the journey of mankind exemplified by the Magi…converges on...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 01/01/2012

He came. He comes. He lived. He lives. - Christmas Day

How silently the wondrous gift is given. What gift? What are we here to celebrate? What sermon would...

Read more... | Fr Roderick Leece| 25/12/2011

Remembering our first love

Even with the broadsheet papers, I remain on-guard for lazy journalism, …and for anything that gratu...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 24/12/2011

With God – In the Garden

It falls to me rather than a visitor to give the first of four Lent sermons on spirituality and pra...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 10/02/2010

Quasi modo

Continuing the French theme of this last week, when many of us were utterly bewitched beguiled and e...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 30/03/2008

Wood brought to life

There are lovely postcards depicting some of the beautifully turned and decorated wood on the stairc...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 21/03/2008

Mothering Sunday and language

Happy Laetare Sunday. Be joyful Jerusalem was the ancient introit this Sunday, the fourth in Lent. R...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 02/03/2008

With God – in the Concrete jungle

“Sacrifice and offering you do not desire, but you have given me an open ear.” Psalm 40.6


Read more... | Fr. Nick Mercer | 24/02/2008

Job Satisfaction

I wonder how often we review the fulfilment and satisfaction we receive on account of the work we do...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 20/01/2008

Growth and Wisdom

The season of Epiphany will be very short this year due to an early Lent. Epiphany themes have to do...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 13/01/2008

God’s investment

It is good to hear that the rooms are as full in Bethlehem this year as rather more unfortunately th...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 25/12/2007

Is there plenty of time?

William Barclay in one of his biblical commentaries tells a story about an apprentice devil who is s...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 02/12/2007

Calm down, not stir up.

The reign of ‘The Lord of Righteousness’ is prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah today in one of the f...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 25/11/2007

The touch of God’s love

In 23 years I have never preached on today’s version of the gospel story from St. Matthew but rather...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 18/11/2007

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday was always seriously observed at my old school. Hundreds of old boys who died in ...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 11/11/2007

Fair play

The British character is normally regarded as valuing fair play. On a personal level, things which I...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 04/11/2007

‘An upgrade’

I was once upgraded on the Gatwick Express thanks to a friend. First class. Quite a big deal it was ...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 30/09/2007

‘He was gutted’

‘And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her’

We have all seen this picture – and...

Read more... | Fr. Roderick Leece| 23/09/2007

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