Church sermons


Jew and Gentile

Mel Gibson is creating quite a storm with his new film - The Passion. The issue is that, like the...

Read more... | Fr John Slater| 07/03/2004

Cana of Galilee

I’ve been to Cana of Galilee. Over the last two thousand years it has remained no more than a tiny ...

Read more... | Fr John Slater| 18/01/2004

Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh

We all have our favourite feasts and for me Epiphany is high on the list. Maybe it’s because I love ...

Read more... | Fr John Slater| 11/01/2004

God shares our life

As the Christmas celebrations come to and end, I find myself reflecting on what it can mean for the ...

Read more... | Fr John Slater| 04/01/2004

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