Our people


The Rector

Roderick Leece

The Reverend Roderick Leece

Church Wardens

Michael Beckett

Michael Beckett, Esq.

Mark Hewitt

Mark Hewitt, Esq.



Music Staff

Simon Willilams

Director of Music
Simon Williams,BA.,FRCO.,LRAM.

Nicholas Morris

Assistant Director of Music
Nicholas Morris



The Vestry

Seamus O'Hare

The Verger
Seamus O'Hare

Stephen Wikner

Parish Administrator
Stephen Wikner

Shirley Vaughan

Clerk to HPPE charity
Shirley Vaughan

Deputy Church Wardens

  • Mr A Milward,
  • Mrs E Adair
  • Mr G Arendt (Grosvenor Chapel Warden)
  • Mrs J Jukes (Grosvenor Chapel Warden)
  • Ms Pamela Atekpe

Parochial Church Council

  • Ms M Blackburn
  • Mrs E Hasted
  • The Revd Dr R Fermer
  • Mr J Rowland
  • Mr D Vermont
  • Mrs A Mather
  • Mr P Stear
  • Mr S Munro
  • Mr T Miskell
  • Mrs J St.John-Austen
  • Mr C Stephens
  • Mr A Milward

  • Mr A Jones

  • Ms P Atekpe

  • Mrs E Adair


  • Mr L Porter
  • Mr T Miskell
  • Mr A Jones
  • Mr M Hewitt
  • Mr A Youdell
  • Mrs E Adair
  • Mr J Plummer
  • Mr A Milward
  • Dr M Gammon
  • Mr W M C Beckett
  • Mr D N Vermont
  • Mr S J Roberts
  • Mr S J Munro
  • Mr V A K Martins
  • Mr R Hughes
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